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Unprecedented Grandness, Only For the Forise Spirit

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

This is an unprecedented event—

Spirit International Launch, Gold Coast, Australia

The historic launch of SPIRIT. Forise is creating a globally significant, luxury residence that will attract domestic and international investors to the Gold Coast. SPIRIT is an extension of the Forise vision for the Gold Coast it not only is the architectural work itself, the project also conveys the concepts of luxury, art, tourism, culture, trade and many other aspects. The completion the project will be a milestone for the luxury Australian residential market and truly position the Gold Coast as one the world’s best travel destinations.

Launching of the Gold Coast Tallest Apartment Forise SPIRIT

On July 6th, nearly a thousand distinguished personage and important members of the government from Queensland and the Gold Coast gathered at Palazzo Versace Gold Coast to witness and endorse the international launching of the Spirit project, which is regarded as a benchmarking event in Gold Coast as it has never happened before. SPIRIT is set as the most extravagant coastal project and the largest residential project that any Chinese enterprise has ever invested in Australia. After the introductory video, all the audiences attending the event were impressed by the international attribute, iconic height, magnificent presentation of the building and its interior design. At the same time, Forise International Sales Director, Jason Xiao, announced proudly that Forise SPIRIT has now officially launched worldwide!

Distinguished Guests Attending the Launch

Special Guests: ~ Chairman of Forise Group, Chairman Wang ~ Steven Ciobo MP: Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment of Australia ~ Kate Jones MP: Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development of Queensland ~ Tom Tate: Mayor of Gold Coast ~ Donna Gates, Deputy Mayor of Gold Coast ~ Tony Hickey, Medal of the Order of Australia, Chairman of Hickey Management ~ Rob Molhoek, Queensland State Member for Southport ~ Cr Cameron Caldwell, Chair of the Economy Planning and Environment Committee ~ Paul White, Joint Chairman of Ray White ~ Bob East, Chair of Tourism Australia

Steven Ciobo MP: Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment of Australia interviewed by the press

Tom Tate: Mayor of Gold Coast interview by the press

Jason Xiao, International Sales Director of Forise Group Interviewed by First Media

As Jason mentioned in the speech, “This is a landmark in the history of luxurious living, a real world-class architecture artwork.” On July 6th, Spirit International Launch Event, led by Forise Group, was successfully held at the Gold Coast, Australia with impeccable planning and stunning presentation. One thing worth noticing is that after witnessing the historic launching, 100 HNW customers from China deeply resonated with the remarkable project and its unparalleled advantages in terms of overseas property and asset allocation. They decided to seize the prime chance and keep beachfront gem by purchasing these luxurious apartments.

The Gold Coast has always been the pride of Australia and a sought-after tourism destination. In recent years, the surfer’s paradise gradually gained great fame and popularity, propelling the growth of tourism by attracting more and more tourists. This year, the Commonwealth Game opened even more doors for this city. During the event, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Steven Ciobo, Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones and Mayor of the Gold Coast Tom Tate shared their opinions.

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Steven Ciobo said: The Spirit Project will not only create tremendous opportunities for the Gold Coast, but also will largely stipulate the growth of Australian tourism industry. We are very glad that Forise Group finds us. Every year, there are over 1.4 million Chinese tourists coming to Australia and generating enormous revenue. The Spirit Project is a great proof of the fact that the bilateral cooperation between China and Australia can undoubtedly promote the development of the Gold Coast and bring about plenty of opportunities in employment, tourism and other fields.

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment Steven Ciobo

Mayor of the Gold Coast Tom Tate said: Meeting the Spirit is a beautiful story. Spirit expresses a profound meaning, which speaks for the spirit of the Gold Coast of the past 50 years. Everything about the Spirit presents the top level, which embodies the pursuit of the Gold Coast and will exert remarkable impact on its future!

Mayor of the Gold Coast Tom Tate

Minister of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones said: Queensland passionately welcome the Spirit Project and has been very supportive. It is an honor to experience and witness the launching of this milestone. When the construction is done, Spirit will surely become the landmark of the Gold Coast. Towering at over 300 meters, Spirit will be the highest building in the Gold Coast, and the third-highest building in Australia.

Minister of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones

As the same designing group sprinkling ultimate beauty to the Etihad Towers (one of the top ten architectures in the world), this time, DBI Design creates incredible magic in the southern hemisphere by combining the shape of waves and breeze of the ocean together, presenting this natural symbol and modern deluxe living elements to this 303-meters-high building. Barry Lee, the Director of Design from DBI made a passionate speech about the extraordinary idiosyncrasy of this building, as well as the profound idealism, perfectionism and the spirit implied in it.

DBI Director of Design Barry Lee

Forise Group has a grand and ambitious blueprint across the world, and has already started its journey in the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Cyprus. For Forise Group, each project stands for a brand-new innovation. They tend to serve as an intermediate force, stipulating the progress of cultural communication, commercial trade and tourism, and making more world-class millionaire see the Gold Coast as their first choice in living, going on vacations and asset allocation.

Today, Spirit skyrockets at 303 meters, soaring above the sky and becoming the new skyline of the southern hemisphere. It boasts extravagant interior decorations and artistic touches and has become one of the top ten luxury residential high-rises. Laying at prime location and the most splendid coastline, with elite education, complete medical facilities and sophisticated layout, life here can be nothing but fabulous.

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The launching of a new project is always cheering and exciting, and there are many other fantastic properties and projects yet to come. First Media proud to be the co-organiser of the amazing Launch event. Forise SPIRIT was also one of the Diamond Sponsors at the 2018 Australian Property Expo - SEQ (Brisbane)

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