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The Australian Property Expo aims to showcase a diverse range of properties for home buyers and investors in Queensland and throughout Australia. With a successful track record since 2011, hosting 30+ expos, welcoming 1500+ exhibitors, and engaging with over 200,000 investors and buyers, we have established ourselves as an educational-driven event featuring renowned industry experts.
A series of property expos held across Australia, featuring developers, agents, and other industry professionals from around the country and internationally. These expos provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their properties, products, and services to potential buyers, investors, home builders and industry professionals.  Attendees can explore a wide range of properties, including new developments, commercial properties, and residential homes. They can also attend seminars and workshops, network with industry professionals, and learn about the latest trends and developments in the real estate industry.  Typically held in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and is open to both industry professionals and the general public. It is a valuable event for those interested in the Australian property market, providing an opportunity to connect with key players in the industry and to learn about potential investment opportunities.

Australia's Largest Established Property & Investment Expo

Time lapse of the 2018 Australian Property Expo - Sydney

16,000+ investors & buyers attended




About First Media Australia

First Media Australia commenced in 1995 and has been evolved into a dynamic, mature and well-known medium in Real Estate industry, specializing in managing developers’ marketing strategies, developing proactive offline and online media strategies and helping achieve some real outcomes. Assist our clients to maximise exposure to the Australian property market, building the connection among Developers, Agents, Investors and Buyers.  Through following products and services:  Print Media, Australian Property Expo, Event Management & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Media and Public Relations marketing solutions.  First Media has earned a reputation across the development and real estate sectors that is captured in these five words – Creativity, Consistency, Diversity, Proficiency and Confidence.

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