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Good news: Visa-free travel for 59 countries policy to be practiced by Hainan!

New policies were introduced shortly after the beginning of 2019.

A meeting held in Hainan, China, just a few days ago. A decision was made during the meeting on an evolutional implementation of the direct-route flights between Australia and China.

On the 7th of this month, a welcoming and promoting event was held in Hilton Hotel in Haikou for the delegation of travelling business of direct-route flights from Hainan to Melbourne.

Presented at the event were WANG Ke, director of the Department of Tourist Promotion in Hong Kong, Macao and International Area of Travel, Cultural, Media and Sport Bureau in Hainan Province, WEN Delin, Researcher of Haikou Travel and Development Committee, 60 journalists from travel agencies and media industries in Melbourne, Australia, and representatives from local travel agencies and hotels in Hainan.

The highlight of this event is: a new flight will be set up between Australia and China, which will directly link the two cities of Haikou and Melbourne.

This flight is known as the second direct-route flight that links China and Australia other than Haikou and Sydney flight. It will further enrich the international airline routes network of Haikou.

This flight will connect Melbourne, a city of dynamic fashion and multicultural society, and Haikou, the city of coconuts, and build a communicative bridge between them in the aspects of tourism, economy and culture.

Haikou is a perfect match with Melbourne in the tourism. In the event, promotors from Haikou’s travel agencies introduced the city’s magnificent travel resources to representatives of tourism and media industry from Melbourne.

Haikou is reputed for having multiple attractions. In Haikou it locates the Mission Hill Golf Resort, the largest Lava Fields Golf Course in the world.

It is also famous for the Qilou Arcaded Streets, the most well-preserved and largest Southern-east Asian style heritage street in China.

Marvelous coastal sceneries and distinctive cultural backgrounds of Haikou are bringing a quite distinguished view, which is enjoyable to Australian tourists.

These Advantaged tourism resources make this city a desirable destination for domestic and international tourists.

China has increased subsidies for the civil airline market and accelerated the development of international flights by introducing the Implement of the Subsidies on Encouraging International Airline Expansion. This policy provides more opportunities for China and Australia to communicate with and learn from each other.

It is reported that the delegation invited in this event is the first to examine the Melbourne-Haikou direct-route flight. The delegation will practice a seven-day thorough examine in Hainan, with the itinerary covering multiple cities in China, including Haikou, Qionghai, Sanya and Baoting.

Meanwhile, Haikou Tourism Development Committee will practice under the methodology guidance of import-and-export-oriented combination strategy, uniting Haikou travel companies in Australiam tourism promoting to actively explore Australian tourism market and attract more Australian tourists to travel, relax and vacation in Haikou.

Q: What is the schedule of Haikou⇌Melbourne Flight?

A: It flights twice a week (round trip), operated by the Airbus A330 luxury wide-body aircraft.

Flight: HU483, HU484

Haikou flight departs from Meilan Airport at CST 18:40 every Wednesday and Sunday and arrives in Melbourne, Australia at CST 7:00 in the next day.

Melbourne flight departs at ADET 9:00 every Monday and Thursday, and arrives at 16:05 at Meilan International Airport, Haikou.

This direct-route flight will be operated by the Airbus A330 luxury wide-body aircraft which enjoys 36 seats in business class and 260 seats in economy class.

The aircraft’s cabin is well-equipped with private touch-screen LCD TV entertainment system and widescreen LCD display screen, providing all passengers with customized entertainment experience on air.

Passengers will enjoy delicate fine food provided by Hai Chef Kitchen above the cloud.

Q: What is Hainan visa-free policy?

A: From 1st May 2018, a visa-free policy will be implemented in Hainan for travelers from 59 countries. The visa lasts for 30 days. Australian passport holders will be covered by the visa-free policy.

For a detailed example, a traveler that is eligible for visa-free policy can stay in Hainan for 30 days. If the traveler intends to depart from Hainan Island to other cities in China, a 15-day landing visa will be provided instead.

The following is the flight schedule.

This direct-route flight is an enhancement of international communication between China and Australia, and also brings convenience for Chinese travelers by saving their trouble of flight transiting when travelling between the two countries.

It is worthy expecting that more direct-flights will be set up in the near future. The view is promising, and we shall stay tuned.


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